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njskater59 12-15-2012 12:30 PM

Need Driving Light Suggestions
I did some searching on the forum and on google, but since im new my search abilities are minimal. The stock lights suck, my 99 Grand Cherokee lighting is more powerful then my high beams on the 2010 wrangler. I live in a relatively wooded/suburban area and I need some powerful lights. I was wondering is anyone sold a relatively inexpensive replacement kit, or even just a bulb to replace the stock lighting. I am not that experienced with wiring but am a fast learner and can follow directions so if its a kit, I am looking to do it myself. Or if their is a way I can mount 2 more lights to my stock fender and wire them to the current lighting controls, just on the steering column that i can drive with that will improve my current lighting/have a high beam option it would greatly be appreciated.

I know their is a stick on aftermarket lighting, but i think that's a bit excessive for what I'm looking for.

So pretty much i need a way to make my driving lighting more powerful (new bulb, replacement kit, or 2 more fender mounted lights), and if its a kit it needs to be relatively easy to instal because I am new to the wrangler mod bug.

Thanks everyone

BadOleRoss 12-15-2012 07:53 PM

If you have the fog lights in your bumper you can easily replace them with Pilot lights from Advanced Auto for around $40. They are twice as bright as the stock lights. Here is a thread that shows you how to do it.

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