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DrWardner 12-16-2012 12:33 AM

8" Alpine Type R In OEM Enclosure?
Does anyone have the Alpine Type R 8" sub running in the stock sub enclosure? I've seen a few threads on here that show pics of it, but I'm curious how it sounds with an aftermarket amp. I know I'll get a few responses suggesting that it needs a new box, but I just want to know how it sounds in the stock enclosure by someone who has this set up.
Thanks! Anyone? Anyone? Anyone know??

amarillojeepguy 12-16-2012 12:55 AM

i have no idea......i made a custom box witha shallow mount 10...ill take pics but jeep is in shop for some stuff after it gets out ill take pics but i made mine to where it attached to the tailgate and swings out when you open the door. it hits super hard...actually a heck of alot louder than i had wanted.

panthermark 12-16-2012 04:11 AM

Someone has it, but I can't remember who. I posted a comparison pic in one of the many sound threads. (Kicker vs Alpine sub). You need a ring spacer for both.

That is/was the sub I was going to go with. But I'm going to stand pat on the system for now and focus on security features first.

You might be able to find it if you do a forum search for Alpine Type R.

DrWardner 12-16-2012 04:37 PM

I have looked for a thread on someone actually speaking from experience on sound coming from this set up. I'll keep looking for another one... But would love if someone can chime in who has experience with this set up. Thanks for the responses!

DrWardner 12-16-2012 05:19 PM

Nevermind!! I found it! This is the thread you were a part of Panthermark. Looks like I'll be doing this soon. Perhaps I'll chime in again when I have some experience with it of my own. He said:

"I just got done replacing mine and it sounds incredible. Took some work though. I may do a full write up once I am done with everything. I am replacing the Infiniti speakers as well. I did have to make a 3/4" spacer to compensate for the depth of the sub. The stock sub enclosure is 0.3 cu ft. I went with an Alpine Type-r SWR-843d 8" sub which calls for the same size enclosure. This is a key to making things sound good/right. If the enclosure size is wrong, it will not sound good. I used a Dynomat equivalent (Fat Mat) within the sub enclosure to re-enforce the plastic and help dampen vibration. The overall result is honestly better than I thought it would be. (I am using the Alpine PDX-5 to drive the sub at 400 watt RMS. )"

Hammerfist 11-24-2016 05:50 AM

I realize this thread is a few years old but I'm in the middle of this project right now. I have the sub mounted in the enclosure and wired up, ready to go. Im working with a 2011 jku with infinity sound package. All I have done to the sound system so far is run my aftermarket amp and wiring (have not yet made the connections) and modified the rear enclosure to house the Alpine Type R 8". At this time I'm planning on keeping everything else stock due to funding, and also security reasons as we all know how easy the wrangler is to break into. So I consider it more of a stealth build/mod. The reason I haven't made the connections to the amp yet is because I ordered the wrong line output converter for my year wrangler. If anyone is interested in knowing my full setup, parts I used, how I made my custom spacer for the enclosure to compensate for the extra length of the sub, etc. I'd be happy to post it all.

But in the mean time, here is a pic of how the sub fits in the enclosure with the spacer I custom made

RAMM241 11-27-2016 12:00 AM

I was advised to try this sub when I added it to my JKU. The sub is very good. It does not sound like a 8" sub at all. It shakes the whole jeep. And yes, you have to use a spacer for it to fit in the stock enclosure. The next step for me is to put dyna mat in the enclosure. LOL!!!! Didnt realize this thread was this old. Oh well..

Here's my thread:


Riccochet 11-27-2016 01:59 PM

I run an 8" JL shallow mount sub in the stock enclosure that's been reinforced with dynamat. Also required a spacer I made from 3/4" MDF. Powered by an Alpine PDX-M6 amp. It hits pretty good down to about 40Hz. Below that it's kind of muffled. Need a little more air volume in the enclosure, for sure. But, it works and sounds 1000x better than the stock p.o.s.

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