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chevymad 12-16-2012 01:41 PM

DIY trials
Decided I needed to get my spare off the tailgate. It's bending the gate out at the top causing a water leak. So being low budget I ordered up a JCR offroad DIY rear bumper kit and a hinge/latch kit from another vendor.

From the price of materials and the amount of time going into this thing, I think I would have been better off buying something allready done.

First, if anyone else has bought the rear bumper kit from JCR here's a warning. The directions are WRONG! The bumper is designed with brackets that can be flipped to fit either a CJ or a TJ/YJ. At one point in the instructions there is a diagram showing both setups and the instructions say to very carefully look at the diagram and install the brackets accordingly.. well the damn thing is mislabelled! So what do I do.. I welded it in as shown. Since my jeep is my daily I didn't test fit until it was fully welded. Then I discovered the brackets were nowhere near wide enough as installed. :( If I'd looked carefully at the diagram for the next step, I could have seen that it does not agree with the first diagram. I've sent off an email to JCR beginning of last week but have received no reply and the instructions remain wrong on their site. I also posted a warning on their bumper post in the vendor sale area. No reply there yet either.

Now to add insult to injury.. or maybe in this instance its the other way around.. I bought some 4" cutoff discs for my grinder and cut the brackets back out.. switched sides and tacked them back in. Wa la it fits. But hey.. my eyes feel kinda scratchy. (thursday night) Now here comes friday night and my right eye is in all sorts of pain, barely get any sleep. Saturday morning I have the wife take me in to urgent care. 2 docs look at my eye and find I have a piece of metal stuck right in the middle of my cornea. Luckily its my bad eye (I only have 1 good eye due to an injury as a kid) but its very painful anyway. The docs decide they can't do anything themselves so its off to Clackamas to an eye doc. He pokes, prods, and scrapes. The piece busts up and goes all over so he has to work at it more then he likes. Puts a bandage contact on me and I need to see him again early this week. BTW Clackamas is like 2hrs away for me. So this was basically a whole saturday used up. Oh and I was wearing both good safety glasses with side wings that fit tightly and hearing protection.

But hey.. here's the bumper put together and hanging on the jeep.. Now to feel good enough to go finish it. :) Need to install the hinge, paint, and build the tire carrier. Planning to have rotopax carriers between the spare and gate.

chevymad 12-17-2012 07:33 PM

JCR stepped up and acknowledged their error this morning. Sending me a "swag" package for my troubles. Anybody use their rock rails? I've been eyeing them as well.

Baby Huey 12-18-2012 01:03 AM

Bumper looks pretty from here !!.....
Kinda makes ya wonder who's doing the Proof Reading at the Factory.....

Good Job ! "BH"

chevymad 12-24-2012 11:16 PM

Bumper is pretty much finished. Just a few more bolts to throw in a couple places. Built it for my 33" tires but at the moment I have a 31" spare. Also planning to eventually throw a couple rotopax cans in the hoops. This is a JCR rear bumper kit with hitch and Dring tabs that i've added a tire carrier to. The tire carrier is home built using a hinge/latch kit from EMS Offroad.

Here's how it turned out.

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