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ExDementia 08-11-2008 01:58 AM

Late 70's early 80's CJ
Im looking to buy a new jeep, im getting sick of this 4 cyl.

Ive looked all kinds of specs on CJ's and i see that the AMC 304 made something like 200 in 1970, but then with emissions they slowly lost power till it hit like 120 or something in the 80's. Same deal with the 258, (as all of you probly know) so do the late 70's early 80's cj's have decent power? (my 4 cyl made 120 stock) I know they have more torque but im just wondering if its worth it to get a 4.2 or a 304 CJ, as opposed to going to a YJ or a TJ with a 4.0.

My mom had a 79 CJ5 and she said that it was really fast and that she could "scratch" in all 3 gears.

Also, im not expecting great gas mileage, but about what do you guys get with the 304/258 including lift and tires?

Noob questions i know but thank you for the help!

jpdocdave 08-11-2008 07:20 AM

from the specs i've seen the 4.0 made more hp than the 304, can't remember about torque but i think the 4.0 was stronger all around.

the fuel injected 4.0 is a great way to go, strong and much more reliable than the older engines. but a v8 w side dump pipes sure looks and sounds cool

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