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tdjagielo 12-21-2012 09:57 PM

intermittent-intermittent wipers, turn signals

Just bought a 1998 Wrangler SE. Has some bugs to work out.

Wipers and turn signals work intermittently. They both sometimes work, or one or the other. Happens whether the truck is running.

Does anyone have suggestions? My dad said it's probably not fuses, because the problem is intermittent.

Thank you, I appreciate any feedback, or directing me to another thread.

jeepin_jer1 12-21-2012 10:14 PM

I had some issues like that a while back.
Had to take the blinker/light cluster (in the column) completely apart and clean the inside contacts.
Mine is an 05', and I was surprised at how dirty it got in there!

RUBI 4 MY MRS 12-21-2012 11:23 PM

Are you sure they don't both go out at the same time? Also what about the radio? The reason I ask is that these 3 things are on 3 different fuses but all 3 get their power from the same contacts in the ignition switch that are on when the key is on or in the acc. position. It is not uncommon for those contacts to go bad & either lose all 3 intermittently or go out completely (usually after being intermittent for awhile). Sometimes you can play with the key a bit & get them to go off & on. If this sounds like it might be your problem here is a video on removing the switch as part os replacing another potential problem area, the actuator pin that connects the key cylinder with the ignition switch. If you do replace the switch, check the pin when it is out.

Ignition Switch Actuator Pin Repair Installation Video - YouTube

tdjagielo 12-23-2012 08:03 AM

Thank you both- '4 MY,' it does happen at different times, separetely. Right now, the wipers work but the signas don't. The tach and speedometer also drop together sometimes.

'Jer1,' I will try that. Because it's intermittent, that makes sense...

98VASahara 08-06-2013 09:54 AM

I have a 98 Sahara and I will lose wipers, turn signals, and the radio at the same time. This is a huge help! This probably saved me hundreds while a dealer tried to diagnose the issue. Thank You!

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