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00falcon 12-27-2012 08:33 PM

Small issue after installing lift
Some background.
I have no mechanical experience, i do computers.
I havent even been as far as changing a spark plug

Got my '99 TJ bone stock, with the intention of learning how to do most of the work my self.

(if $hit hits the fan, i can always put it on a trailer and drag it to a mechanic.
but the knowledge and willingness from here has been more than enough thus far)

Anyway, im quite happy with what i have now, and future plans will no doubt happen.

Anyway, my issue.
I opted for a Rough Country Lift, knowing the shocks are the issue with this kit.

I have it all installed, with my 33's non the less, and i have taken her out twice and tackled some decent tracks.
She preformed admirably.

Apart from one small clicking noise on the left hand side.

After some investigation, i found bear metal on the bump stop mount.
The small flare on the bump stop mount, is catching on the spring.

Photos to follow.

I have also noticed that the top of the spring is also rubbing on the metal surrounding the top spring perch.

Now, on extreme, hard to balance mud tyres @ 33", after an alignment, i can do 100Ks quite comfortably.
Shes drives nice (as nice as a jeep can).

But something is obviously amiss, as my spring should not touch anything.

1) Are my left control arms set to long, and pushing the left side of the axel forward...?
I have adjusted both the top and bottom left side arms 1 turn (1/4 inch) shorter, and that made no noticeable difference.
2) from my alignment (See below), where my caster is a little bit light, could that be causing the spring to bend out when compressed.

Should i:
1) Further shorten my left control arms
2) shorten left & Right upper arms to help bring caster back to spec.
3) ???

Thanks in advance for any help...


This one shows how she not centred inside the spring
(she is sat on all fours)

Left side top - spring rubbing

Right side spring top - all ok

Alignment specs

Posser Shot

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