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Heliotropic 12-28-2012 02:32 PM

Covering interior door pocket holes?
I've always used the interior door pockets in my vehicles for trash collection, rather than keeping a trash bag or throwing it on the floor. That seems to be more of a challenge with my TJ because of the holes. They're okay for larger things, but things like gum wrappers (I chew a lot of gum) end up back on the floor when I close the door.
In theory it seemed like an easy solution to just cover them up with something. Originally I wanted to glue a screen material behind the holes. I pulled the door panel off for access to remove the back panel of the pocket, but it is attached by melted plastic tabs. I was going to resort to just taping the holes, but the tape doesn't stick too well and I don't want to have an adhesive mess in the summer heat.
So aside from putting a separate bag inside the pocket, has anyone had any success in covering the holes?

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