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nwbronco 12-28-2012 08:48 PM

Axleshaft swap 122812
I managed to lose a cap off of my driver's side axle u-joint. I have a set of chromolies to install. So today I swapped the axle shaft out in about 2hrs.

Here is the steps for any who want to know.

Started out with jack and jackstands.

Got the tire off and removed the caliper. 21MM socket needed for this task.

Caliper removed and placed on top of the knuckle. Next comes the axleshaft nut. Needed a 1-3/8" socket to get that off.

All this is left now are the bolts holding the hub assembly to the knuckle.

The bolts are 12 sided. And a 13MM 12 point socket is required to remove them.

Last step. Pullet puller to remove the hub assembly.

Axle removed. Side by side with Chromolly replacement.

Close of of damaged axle. The holes are wallowed out. Damage done.

Axleshaft swap on the driver's side is complete. Next is the Passenger side.

Bob K.

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