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FreedomEagle03 01-02-2013 04:45 PM

Popping sound in/near engine?
Ive been experiencing this problem for about a year and a half now but it is intermittent. I have a 03 TJ 4.0 5 speed stock height/axles. It happens at random but tonight I was downshifting from 5th to 4th and when I was accelerating it made a pop sound almost like a ballon going off inside a metal bucket. This has happened before but I can't recreate it. It is purely at random but I believe when it does happen it is while accelerating.

I have new plugs in it and the oil has been changed about 2000 miles ago( up for a service soon though). I have roughly 170,000 on it.

On a side note I do have a P0432 code for a cat efficiency code that has been on for about 6 months( the light has actually gone off this morning and it clears itself every now an then . I do have plans on replacing the cats soon though). Any thoughts on what could be causing this?

Thanks in advanced

UFOtestpilot 01-02-2013 06:30 PM

I'd check: sway bar links, control arm bushes, and ball joints based on the description. I am hunting a noise on my TJ right now and as someone pointed out in my thread, it is really hard to diagnose a noise or a feeling over the internetz. It just sounds like something in the suspension popping when it loads up.

I hope you find it and get it sorted out.

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