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NJJeeper 08-24-2008 05:33 PM

Turbocharging my Rio Grande
Hey i'm new to this specific forum site and was wondering if anyone had any HELPFUL, PRODUCTIVE information that would aid me in completing a turbo/snorkel setup on my '95 Rio Grande 4 cyl. 5-speed.

So Far here is my setup (in case it matters for the application)-
4" Rough Country Lift (Nitro Shocks)
1" Energy Suspension Body Lift
33" Super Swampers
H.D. steering linkages
Tom Woods Front and Rear driveshafts
Stock Axles
.. a few more things here and there but i dont think theyre important for this.

I am trying to make a setup which would provide approx. 7-8 psi of boost while having the air intake coming from a snorkel. Here's what i am planning on:

Exhaust manifold - Trying to use the stock one, and having a pipe turned upwards towards the hood to meet the exhaust inlet of the turbo, and fab-ing a downpipe to the cat.

Turbo - T3/T4 Hybrid w. 5 bolt downpipe exhaust pattern (adjustable wastegate @ 7-8 psi)

Piping/ intercooler - 2.5" intercooler piping with a top mount air-air intercooler mounted upwards against the hood to the right of the engine (since the exhaust manifold and intake manifolds are both on the right side..yea i know it doesnt make any sense). Then I will be putting a small hood scoop above where the intercooler is for adequate air-flow. Then the piping will go from the intercooler outlet to a 4.0 throttle body with a blow off valve in-between.

The air going into the turbo inlet will be coming from a custom made fiberglass snorkel running through the quarter panel below the hood.

Thats pretty much it for the plumbing, and here's what else I could think of.

-Oil feed/ return lines straight to the oil pan
-Oil cooler, just before the turbo
-Turbo Timer (just to be safe)
-Air/Fuel, Boost and Oil Temp gauges
-Simple gauge pod to be mounted below dash

Boost Controller? Ive seen them online, but where do you attach them and how do they work? I thought the wastegate and BOV covered that.

Now I'm almost positive the ecu isn't going to be able to compensate properly for the added air, so i'm gonna be running WAY lean, and I know there aren't any stand-alone's or piggyback computers designed for my engine, so what can I do to add fuel? Larger fuel pump? larger injectors? If so, then what size pump and injectors. Where can I get them?

I was thinkin maybe someone had some experience in turbo's and could help out a little bit or give some suggestions. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!

Also, when I have all the parts in and begin my build (within 2-3 weeks) I will take pictres and make a write-up on how I did it.

myblack89yj 08-24-2008 06:32 PM

an adjustable fuel pressure regulator should giv you mor fuel to the injectors then all you need is a larger pump and bigger injectors

NJJeeper 08-24-2008 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by myblack89yj (Post 258014)
an adjustable fuel pressure regulator should giv you mor fuel to the injectors then all you need is a larger pump and bigger injectors

Any idea on how big the injectors and fuel pump are stock? also.. how much bigger? when it comes to engine theory and the fuel system, i have no clue.

sgnellett 08-24-2008 08:35 PM

I don't have anything particularly useful to add, I'm just wondering if you are planning this for a fresh 4 cylinder or is this the same motor the YJ came w/ when it was built 13 years ago? It just seems like a lot too ask of an engine that old that was never intended to be particularly hi-po in the first place...

NJJeeper 08-25-2008 12:07 AM

well yea its the original motor, but it only has 45K on it. yea I thought about it though. But if i was gonna use a fresh motor, I would be gettin a stroked 6 crate from quadratec (if i had the money). Man that would be ballz to the wallz. But yea, original motor. Hey, if it blows, i can always just get a new 4 tho

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