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minesweaper 08-25-2008 09:16 PM

axle question
So as I ask i will give an update on my axle swap.

I got my 8.8 installed along with the SYE. SYEs are way too easy. I even used a little small pair of snapring pliers and it was fine.) Then I had to wait on my DS. Got that in. I took it on a test drive. (im a little worried cause last time i did 65 in it I snaped my U joint hince the need for a SYE.) Well the death wobble is gone and only have very slight vibes that are more than likely the fact i have stock control arms.

Question. My speedometer doesnt work and while on a test drive, while coasting to a stop with the clutch in it died. did it twice. after the second time, the check engine light came on. I did the key turn to get the code and it was a P 500. I looked it up and it said it was a speed sensor. I know i hooked up the speedo to the SYE. Does it need a new gear, and would that do it? (the check engine light thing.) also, would that have anything to do with the dying when coasting. granted, it didnt do it every time. only twice outta about 20 stop signs.

Now the axle question. When i push in the clutch, i hear a clicking up front. from the axle im sure. I know I need a new front yoke, it seems to be spread from maybe a possible broke u joint from the previous owner. (i never broke a front U joint) I only notice the clicking when coasting to a stop with clutch in. when i push it in is when i hear first the loudest of clicks.

The only othet thing i did recently to it was a BL and MML.
Any ideas on my questions?

minesweaper 08-26-2008 09:52 PM


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