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SwamiCJ7 01-06-2013 10:10 PM

JCR Offroad Skid Plates on 2012 JKUR - Gotchas and Worthwhile Notes
I decided to purchase a skid plate system for my 2012 JKUR. It has 11k miles and STOCK - no lift, tires, etc. I went off roading in Big Bear, CA and banged up my stock transfer case cover and gas tank cover. SO - I needed armor.

I went with the JRC system mainly due to cost and design. The reviews on forums were positive, and there were slight discount prices during the Black Friday week. Due to the holiday season, I didn't get around to installing it until this past weekend.

Here are the instructions that I will be referring to -

I followed the instructions and kept everything loose until everything was lined up.

Engine Skid Step 2: The passenger bracket lined up and set up just fine. The drivers side DID not appear to attach / hand off the motor mounts as loosely as the passenger side.

Engine Skid Step 3: The holes from the engine skid plate did not line up to the drivers bracket - they were off by about 1/4 inch and were not parallel. The passenger side connected fine. So, the button head bolts on the drivers side was forced in - I pushed / wiggled the brackets as far as I can to connect everything. I believe that there is a fair amount of stress on the drivers side bracket, on both the motor mount side and the skid plate side.

The 12mm x 1.5 bolts are NOT fine thread. The required a run to an automotive store. The key is the FINE thread. I went to Lowes and Ace hardware and they had the correct size, but not fine thread.

Exhaust Loop Skid Step 4: The button head bolts that attaches to the loop skid to the engine skid DO NOT fit. The holes on the engine skid are too small. This is a major pain in the ***. I've already installed the engine skid plate, and I didn't want to take it down and drill it out. Plus, this was all done in my garage, so I do not have the right equipment to drill the very THICK skid plate. This needed another trip to the hardware store. Also, using the button bolt length for the new hardware, it came very close to the exhaust pipe.

So, overall I'm satisfied with it but I think proper fitting on the drivers side bracket plus relocating the attachment bolt holes with the exhaust loop skid would make this A+. Another item that I found somewhat odd was that the area between engine skid plate and the engine pan is about 1.5 - 2 inches and it seems to give up a lot of ground clearance.

There you have it. Please keep in mind this is my first experience with installing ANY skid plate system, so I can't compare it against others. If others have any advice or suggestions to this particular skid plate system, I'm open to it. I don't need any regret comments - It's bought and installed.

kjeeper10 01-07-2013 05:21 AM

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Matador 01-07-2013 07:21 AM

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JCR skids look good but I'm not a fan of skids that use normal bolt head fasteners. Ideally you want rounded or flat hardware so when there is an impact and your "Sliding" off the plate, your not rounding off the head of the bolt. That's the main reason I like the River Raider setup

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