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TRM627 01-08-2013 01:16 AM

next project is lights!
So my next project is lights! I want rock lights and two window seal mount lights and 4 bumper! I'm lost on what I should get for under jeep and on jeep there's to many options, led and all, and also next project is a sound system, will I need a bigger alternator to run all this and how much power will it take away from the jeep with a bigger alternator

Drix 01-08-2013 02:00 AM

Just did a few lights i went the cheapo route. Got some cheap walmart 55w driving lights and have a 55w h3 HID kit to put into them. I also got the 100w halogen kit from harbor freight. Plus some rear lights.

With all of them on I am still getting 14.4 to the battery.

With that I think I am just gonna get Deep cycle battery for now.

Walmart lights were 12 bucks plus the HID kit i am 88 bucks into HID lights. The wiring is thin i ran it for now just because I would of had to anyway to set up the relay to run 12 gauge wire to it. The harbor freight lights did not come with 18g wire like all the reviews said. It came with 14 so I ran it. That's the route I went.

I am 130 buck in right now minus wire and relays. The connectors I had so no idea to get a cost on em.

Xpress 01-08-2013 02:42 PM

There's endless options for lighting... DDM Tuning has some inexpensive utility LED lamps that will work great for reverse lights as well as rock lighting.

Windshield lights should be spotlights, so as to not cause too much glare to reflect off the hood.

Bumper lights you would be best off with a pair of spots in the middle and a pair of driving out on the ends. My suggestion and recommendation is to get yourself the traditional KC (or similar) 6" Daylighter lamps for the windshield and front bumper. I always recommend KC lamps though, you do get what you pay for when it comes to the lamps, KC's reflectors are amongst the best.

I recommend the traditional 6" shell style lamps because you can actually fit a slim HID ballast inside of the shell, behind the reflector itself, for a clean install. This keeps you from having to modify wire length and whatnot because of the large high voltage connectors HID lamps use between the bulb and the ballast. You don't want to be cutting a 25,000 volt line, now do you? ;)

HID is my recommendation because of the masses of light they can throw out when utilized in a polished reflector, such as the KC lamps. It's not cheap, but you do get what you pay for, and the guys at KC are always incredibly supportive of their products, with the 23 year warranty they offer. I'll save you the hassle and link you to the products right here:

KC HiLiTES 238 - KC HiLiTES 100 Watt Daylighter Pair Pack System - Quadratec

KC HiLiTES 634 - KC HiLiTES 130 Watt Driving Daylighter Pair Pack System in Black - Quadratec

HID kit:
DDM Tuning 35W and 55W HID Kits

You will need to fill in the details with the HID kit, I recommend:

55 Watt
H3 Bulb (you need an H3 bulb to work with the KC spotlights)
4500k Color Temperature

You don't need the harness, error code eliminator, adapter cables, or mounting brackets. Each kit includes 2 bulbs, 2 ballasts, and the plugs for each. Basically plug and play.

As far as rock lighting goes, DDM Tuning also has a wide selection of LED lamps:

I recommend the 110mm FLOOD LED lamp, it will be more than enough light. One under the drivers seat, and one under the passengers seat should provide ample lighting.

With everything powered on your Alternator shouldn't struggle too much to keep the system charged, just don't turn on all of the HID's at the same time. The initial surge current for the HID's power up can exceed 10 amps a piece.

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