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nicolas-eric 08-30-2008 11:21 AM

FlowKooler Waterpump?
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A friend just told me about the FlowKooler waterpump.
The manufacturer says that this pump produces 20% more gpm at 2000 rpm and 100% more gpm at 900 rpm than the stock pump.

What do you think about this pump? Is it worth the 100 $$?

nicolas-eric :wavey:

mr4x4 08-30-2008 03:34 PM

its a good pump and when I had to replace my water pump I would have installed one of those
the problem was I couldnt find one for 2000 or newer tj's
I found one for 97-99 tj and yj even xj but if you have a 2000 or newer tj
I couldnt find one

nicolas-eric 08-30-2008 03:37 PM

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since june they have a waterpump for 2000-2006 TJs:

FlowKooler Water Pumps

I donīt have to replace my waterpump. But when I install the new aluminum radiator I could install a better pump and a better thermostat at the same time... and 110$ for this pump is a good deal IMO.

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