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Bladeski 01-11-2013 07:54 AM

92 YJ Wrangler rumbling, puttering in 3rd & 4th gears
1992 YJ Wrangler with new (rebuilt) engine. It sounds and feels like the engine is puttering and rumbling a bit after shifting into 3rd gear and 4th gear and seems to lose acceleration. Doesn't do it in 1st or 2nd gear. Just got all terrain tires so it's not the mud tires I had. When idling in 3rd...there seems to be kind of a rumbling as in the exhaust system, a type of puttering. Is it not firing on all cylinders? If that is the case, wouldn't the noises and acceleration loss be in all gears?

Scott-CJ8 01-11-2013 11:14 AM

Shifting the gears (while stopped with the clutch depressed) should have no effect on your idle. If it does, then either your Jeep is possessed or there is some sort of electrical short that is making contact with the shift lever when moved into that position. Crawl under there and do a thorough investigation, unless option #1 is the case, then you're on your own....

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