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Thinkfastridefaster 01-11-2013 06:36 PM

General care for dusty/muddy conditions

I am curious how often you all worry about cleaning the undercarriage as well as do any preventative type treatments for rust (if you do, what do you like to use?). What should be a part of a "maintenence" protocol for a Jeep that is driven in dusty/muddy conditions frequently?

I live off of a backroad (dirt+gravel on top) which is otherwise dusty but when we get rain it gets pretty muddy (been in a drought recently though so mostly dust conditions is what I am dealing with). I recently bought a 2000 TJ Sahara and it is in overall great condition (hardly any rust, super clean engine etc.)..Trying to keep it that way! So I am here to figure out what I need to be doing to keep my Jeep in top condition as far as undercarriage rust and general engine upkeep goes.

Advice would be greatly appreciated :wavey:

LIS13Rubi 01-12-2013 11:25 AM

Congrats !! I'm expecting my new jeep in a few weeks and I have done a bunch or research on rust proofing and undercarriage care. I plan to go to town on my undercarriage with Fluid Film as soon as I can. The consensus seem to be that this is a great for DIY rustproofing. You can even get complete kits. Then some time this summer I will be taking it to a Krown to get a full rustproof done. I'll probably do the annual Krown for the first few years and Fluid Film regularly. For general cleaning I've learned that a pressure washer (even one at the DIY carwash) and a sprinkler are really great. Since you already have some rust get under there with a wire brush and some POR15 or rustoleum first.

RoadGlide 01-12-2013 12:29 PM

I live in the snow and ice. Gandolf gave us a 1/2" of freezing rain yesterday, and the city is attempting to make us the next Great Salt Lake.

I own several black Harleys and now a black '13 JKUR.

That said, here is my solution. I wash with a soap injected pressure washer to get the grime off. I do under with a modified wand, and on occasion put on a short wand and crawl underneath. It's a mess, but it works. Also do engine compartment.

Then I do a hand bubble bath with a microfiber cloth.

Then back to the pressure washer with soap turned off to rinse.

Here is my "black" trick. I have softened water at the garage hydrant. I run that soft water through a carbon tank to remove any chlorine. Then that through a 200 psi pump to an RO membrane and then to a DI tank. Finished pharmaceutical grade water goes to a 100 gallon fiberglass holding tank.

From the tank to a 60 psi pump, and into another small 500 psi pressure washer. Rinse liberally...all nooks and crannies... door jambs, undercarriage...engine compartment...

Air dry... Wax... Caress...

Take it out and find mud... Or in the case of the bikes ride in the rain. Repeat.

Actually, you can just about duplicate what I do at a good "wand" type DIY car wash bay... I just have some attachments that make it easier, and my spot free rinse is a little purer...

I do not under any circumstances use a brush of any kind at the car wash bay...hand operated or "robo" powered kind...looks like 60 grit sandpaper to me...


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