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DanPike 01-12-2013 04:59 PM

2013 Wrangler Sport Fun!
Just picked up our new Wrangler about a week ago now.
I am a Hardware Guy by trade. I really like that Jeep has a full frame, good ground clearance, enough power, and simplicity of design.
It's damn fun to drive, but takes some adjusting of driving style to warm up to, but it is really a cool machine!
As I am also into electrical systems, I hope the harness and system design is competently assembled. I suspect people that had fusebox fires were victms of poor wiring practices causing overtemp conditions electrically, and were result of assembly issues I'd guess. Poor terminations..that type of thing can easily cause high resistive junction temp issues.
I plan to go through as much as I can to verify the wherewithall of the electrical connections I can get to on the vehicle.

The jeep seems like it will be a blast once I can get to removing the cover on this sardine can, in the spring! I Like that they are very configurable!

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