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kellerhudson 01-15-2013 01:48 PM

First time post; Ive searched a lot of other threads and I can't find a similar issue - here goes...

Just bought a 91 YJ 4cyl with about 150k on it. Its a rust bucket but it runs good. Recently after deep sand beach driving in 4L I was headed home in 2H it was revving high in 4th and 5th and seemed like it was getting no power to the wheels... had it floored in fifth and was only going 45. So i pulled over, shifted through the gears took it in and out of 2H to be sure it was properly in gear... seemed to do the trick. (it was a warm day this day).

A few weeks later (another warm day) I drove it to work (about 30 miles away mostly hwy driving ie not shifting around) on the way home coming into town, after a few stops, shifting through gears, I started to notice it felt like it was doing the hi gears problem again. The pedal felt/sounds fine... no grinding or trouble with any gears. When starting from a stop it feels inhibited, doesn't want to coast in neutral or with the clutch in... to be honest it feels like the parking brake is still on (its not... at least the pedal is up and released).

Other notes, (not sure if this is a normal thing) it will turn over in neutral with no foot on the clutch. The idling pulley needs replacing - makes a steady low whine consistently when engine is running (prob has no impact on this issue). Checked fluid in clutch lines... it is full and not leaking from master. Slave is inside bell housing on this model; so hoping I don't have to go in there, also hoping I don't need a new clutch.

Is it possible that parking brake is stuck even though it released when the hand release is pulled? Is there any thing I can trouble shoot to narrow down the problem? Im thinking I should flush the master cylinder? don't want to f*ck anything up fiddling around with little knowledge. Am I even on the right track thinking its a clutch issue? Can I check the parking brake somehow?


cclax44 01-15-2013 02:00 PM

i know with my 93 yj if it is in neutral you do not need to push the clutch in. that is normal. the other things, i highly doubt them being normal

kellerhudson 01-15-2013 02:42 PM

cclax44, thanks.

After I typed that, I got thinking about the parking brake. Like I said, this thing is a rust bucket - born and raised on the beach - so could the rust affect the pb? Does this sound like a more reasonable culprit? The Parking brake never worked awesome to begin with... is there are way to visually inspect this to see if where the problem is? Im at a loss.

jeff_in_rc 01-15-2013 02:52 PM

IIRC under the drivers side around the seat area are the parking brake cables, with the PB off crawl under and see if the cables have a little slack in them or if they are tight. If loose then it's not the PB but if they are tight then it would be time to pull the wheels and brake drums and have a look inside.

cclax44 01-15-2013 04:11 PM

based on the problems coasting and starting off i do think it is the parking break. if it is, at least it will be a much cheeper repair than a transfer case or tranny

Airboatingobx 01-15-2013 04:26 PM

Well I live on the beach and drive in sand everyday and what is happening to you sounds exactly like what just happened to me! Mine was doing the same thing losing power it felt like struggling to stay in 4 th gear, and sometimes it would run fine had me scratching my head. Toke the tires off and went to pull the caliper off and couldn't hardly get them to release the disc. Finally got them off and pulled the cup out of the caliper and found that there was gunk in the caliper. Everytime I pressed the brake it settled at the bottom and kept them cup pushed out. Cleaned it out wiped all the crap off of the cup worked the dust seal back around it and pressed it back in works like a charm now!

kellerhudson 01-15-2013 04:34 PM

thanks all... I think it is the parking brake, feel like a dope for thinking it was the clutch... at least I learned a few things in the process. Just got underneath and fiddled with the parking brake cables... the one going to the back right tire seemed a little tighter than the other so I yanked on them both a few times to try to shake them loose... think it did the trick cause it seems fine now. @Airboatingobx... Im gonna take the tires off this weekend and try to knock the gunk out.

Airboatingobx 01-15-2013 05:37 PM

When you go to pull the calipers see if the pads are able to be pushed back to take them off. Mine I had to pry the caliper off the rotor. The only tricky part of taking the caliper apart is getting the cup back in, have to pull the dust seal up and work it around the cup then take the bleeder screw out and slowly work the cup back in. You will be suprized if you do it how much crap is in it!

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