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YellowDog 09-08-2008 06:26 PM

User input requested for Murphy Camp TSF
I got yet another email across my computer. I have a friend on the advisory board of TSF.

If you are interested in giving input and helping out see below. I am not sure I would be the right person as I have only been out to TSF 4 times and I don't even know where is Murphy Camp. If interested I will send you the contact information

Fox, they are asking about a mud pit. Interested?


Hello, I am looking for OHV users that want to provide suggestions and assistance on changes to the Murphy Camp area which will affect 4WD users.

As you may know, the south side of the 1-6-30 (Murphy Grade) road through the Murphy Camp area (to the NE from the main intersection) has a water drainage problem that will eventually degrade the road bed if left as is. A current timber sale contract includes the delivery of 180 yards of 3 ft X 4 ft rip-rap rock to that area in preparation for improvements this next month.

The Oregon Department of Forestry's (ODF) current list of potential changes to that immediate area include;

Road Items -
- French drains on the south side of the road
- culverts under the road
- rip-rap rock installation to protect the French drains, roadside drainage ditch and culverts

4WD Items -
- possible conversion of the rough bank area in the NW corner of the Murphy's Camp flat area immediately south of this road (NW corner of the existing flat area immediately west of the main intersection) into a 4WD boulder crawl.
- retention and possible improvement of the existing 4WD mud pit in the SW section of this flat area
- closure of all trails providing unauthorized entry into the adjacent Weyerhaeuser private land.

Dispersed Camping -
- 2" lift of rock on the flat area that is currently used by hunters as a base camp.

I will need the interested users to discuss and reach a consensus on things like;
- other suggestions/ideas
- allocation of space in this area for the various opportunities
- design of the rock crawl area (level of difficulty?)
- design of the mud pit to prevent mud dragout to other areas
- rock bottom or bottomless mud pit?
- depth and length of the mud pit area
- how to best obtain user compliance with designated area use?

I will also need an experienced 4WD user (perhaps one rock crawl and one mud pit expert) that can actually be there on the ground for a day or two during construction to interpret the user consensus in detail on the ground, i.e. provide detailed direction to the equipment operators that will be moving the dirt and rocks.

foxinthemudd 09-08-2008 06:49 PM

very intrested in a mud pit. just worried that the "real" boggers would tear the hell out of it and there would be no way on earth that I would really be able to play... :( it would be an intresting idea though. and I would probably still play in it... :firedevil:

RUBICON03 09-09-2008 09:53 PM

I hope you dont mind but I am going to post this on another forum. Probably get some takers there.

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