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dlb56 01-18-2013 08:52 PM

Shock help
Had my '02 Sport in the shop today getting the brakes done and they tell me my shocks are leaking. I bought the vehicle a few months ago and the PO told me it has a 2" lift. Question is, does the 2" lift require different size shocks and, if so, any recommendations? Thanks for any feedback/advice.

kjeeper10 01-18-2013 09:24 PM

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You are better off with the correct size shocks.
Do you off road ?

Check out Rancho 9000 adjustable, awesome shock.

Gary2 01-18-2013 09:52 PM

first measure to see how much lift you actually have ,stock front springs are 12" installed and backs are 8" . If it has spacers that counts too but not the OE rubber spring isolator on top of the front spring if it is still there . Its between 3/8-1/2" I think . Its a softer rubber than a spacer and should be left in. If that can't be done measure the shock mount distances and compare to the manufacturer of your choice to determine shock length to see what will fit . Some lift kits are just spacers but if the OE spring is sagging then you don't have the amount of lift you think you do by measuring spacers alone

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