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marksviper 01-19-2013 02:20 PM

Need feedback on upgrades Nerf Bars
Hi everyone,

I went to a high end installation shop. I need step up bars for my 2 Door 2013 Wrangler Rubicon. Here is the make N-Fab J0746 with a description
Nerf Bar, W2W Series, with Dro? They are powder black. They charge me $500 for the set and $60.00 to install. I tried to look up and could not find them on the internet. Any suggestions. I just do not want to get burned.

Sales person and I wanted to upgrade(I have the 430N) to top of 2012 JVC navagation and would knock off $200 and it would be $1000. I found out that I can get the head unit at many sites for $650 new. Called JVC and 2013 will be out in Febuary.

Thanks Mark

marksviper 02-02-2013 01:04 PM

Nerf Bars I need help on this issue.
I paid $560 for two nerf bars black powder. That was 1/7/2013 with the install date of 1/24/2013. I had to rent a car due to my shift and cannot leave the hospital. Then they call me and said they needed a bracket so they need to order two. Then he said it will cost me $60.00 more. I was pretty upset. Then he stated the they have to take off the which they called them sliders to be able to bolt Nerf bars on my jeep. Then he told me some in the shop would buy them off me to offset the price? I called CC company and they are ready to pull the plug on these jokers. Also, I called on Thursday to see if they came in person said he would call back and did not until the morning left a voice mail that they are on the way. Any suggestions!


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