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Pic 01-22-2013 04:24 PM

Stereo Guys help me out
Ok so ive been looking into MOPAR® Kicker Audio Speaker Upgrade (MOPAR 77KICK10 - MOPAR® Kicker Audio Speaker Upgrade for 05-13 Jeep® Wrangler JK, Unlimited JK, Liberty & Grand Cherokee - Quadratec) but i have the stock radio... (Media center 130 RES)

So this speaker wont be any louder? Right?

It would just be clearer. I dont want to blow $80 on the speakers if they arent any louder. I would need a new stereo in order for it to be louder? Ive only learned this stuff from googling as i know nothing about audio systems.

Thanks in advance for any help. Sorry for all the questions lol

panthermark 01-22-2013 05:17 PM

I don't have the base system (I had the premium system with the 130), but I do have the 77Kick10's. Bottom line...get a new HU...then you can go with the Kickers or Polk Audio or whatever.

With the new Kickers, my sytem could much clearer, but did not hit as hard and was a touch quieter. My guess is becaue of the stupid Chrysler 2 ohm impedance.

DanPike 01-22-2013 06:14 PM

The audio loudness is derived from the power amp section of the stereo receiver.
(receiver= preAmp, Power Amp, and radio Tuners, CD transports etc.)
Some have separate pre and power amps, but am audio tech, not an auto guy so much that I know their layout. If they have all of the above inside the box unit, it is called an integrel device as all components are integrated. High end units generally have massive power amps to handle heavy bass, and hot highs. They also have active crossovers to separate the frequencies going to each amplifier.
Integrel units usually have only medium power. 40-50 usable watts.
Speakers/ audio sound best with low distortion. That's why the big amp. It's more about headroom, than loudness. Wattage is subjective based on impedance of the speaker to connect up with a like impedance amp output. Certain speakers may 'sound' a bit louder, but is likely more distorted and harming the speaker and amp if impedance does not match. If your stereo is 8 ohm rated, so should your speakers be as well.

Most systems are also now having isolated outputs. i.e. no grounded speaker connections! (in fact, you can blow the amp just from a speaker wire touching a ground!
If you want to do this right, get professional advice on the subject from a good installer.
They know the ins and outs on this subject very well, and can advise you competently and usually a free estimate.

TrueNorth 01-22-2013 06:34 PM

Yeah, what he said.

Although...... after blowing 3 roll bar speakers in 2 months and having the dealer replace them over and over I finally got sick of the crappy sound and put Rockford Fosgate Punch speakers in the roll bar and dash.
I think they were both 6" speakers.

They are "louder" to me, or at least they can handle higher volume.
I can crank the stock head unit up as loud as it will go without bad distortion.
As long as it's Pantera or Metallica anyway, might not work with those other types of so called music. So, better sound same so-so power.
At least I can hear Click and Clack on Saturday morning with the top off.

MaskMan 01-22-2013 06:36 PM

There are three ways to get "louder"
More Power
More drivers
More efficient drivers

I recommend anyone who says that they don't know anything:
To start reading a ton about what they want to know
Go to a shop and have something installed by a professional.

There are thousands of pages of info on forums around the net (not Jeep ones) for the info you need. If you don't have the time or the technical know how, see rule #2. You can spend tons of money on this endeavor and hear very little difference, or make things worse very quickly.

Go to shops, listen to stuff, Get to know how you want it to sound.
I personally think that the low end Kicker stuff that Mopar sell is junk.
Other people think this stuff sound the best ever, everyone is different.
I might not put it in a car that I am going to sell just to give it tunes...

Also if you put a coax speaker (the type in the link) in the front of the JK without disabling the dash tweet you will end up with phase issues and the whole thing will sound even crappier. Oh, BTW, those Mopar Kickers are about the same as the DS line, which retail for about $50, just no factory easy mount and plug-in for your up charge.

You will want to get some separates up front, non-infinity factory junk is about as good as a $80-$100 set of separates (that is pushing it as the tweets really suck) and the Infinity mids are actually not too bad, maybe up to $150 set, again the tweets suck. Also the factory stuff is really very efficient, and 2ohm, so it is hard to match just by changing some speakers, you can actually lose volume with the wrong speaker choice.

You could perhaps have an illusion of louder with changing the sound-bar speakers to the Kickers, the addition of the tweeter fulfills one of the louder criteria.

In the end you really need more power, as in external amplifiers, just a head unit will not do, you will not notice the difference between the OEM 10w-20w and an aftermarket 15w-30w of power.

jeepwrangler2011 01-22-2013 06:39 PM

From my expirence and it doesn't make me a professional at all just what I have encountered and maybe you can take something from it. I did my stereo upgrade in phases, I started with the speakers in the sound bar and in the dashboard I replaced the stock speakers with pairs of Kickers. I went with those because I could go to bestbuy and actually hear how they sounded, and these had the best clarity were they the loudest speaker probably not but I was looking for clarity, so after installing those and still having the factory radio installed the sound was much better then factory speakers, I then finally replaced the factory radio with a JVC unit and that took the speakers to a whole new level. If your not wanting bass then you can stop there and what the sound your getting from those two upgrades is night and day difference from all the stock components. I went a step further since I have always had bass of all sorts in my vehicles I went with the infinity BassLink self powered amp/ sub all in one. This is a very impressive unit, its not shake the world loud bass but if I turn it up you can hear it outside the jeep pretty good. From my own research if you don't do anything major replacing the factory radio is the biggest key to getting better sound, adding the other components is of course optional. Good luck hope your upgrade turns out how you want.

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