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homebrwd 01-25-2013 08:00 AM

Lets play a game called "What's that sound?"
So I recently installed 1.25in Body Lift and a 1in motor mount lift. There were no noises after this. A few weeks later came the tummy tuck. I chose the UCF Ultra high clearance skid with Low Profile transmission mount. Install went fine but now I am getting a noise and I don't know what it is.

The noise is heard at high speeds (50 and above) but only in certain situations.
1. When the clutch pedal is pressed in
2. When gas is fully released it makes the sound briefly
3. When the glass is pressed from full release it again makes the sound briefly

I had the Jeep up around 55MPH and pressed the clutch and held it in, as the speed went down the noise got quieter, pretty much inaudible after 40-45 MPH (granted I have a loud exhaust)

Here is the video I was able to capture of the sound.
It can be heard at :02 when I press the clutch pedal until :06 when I release the pedal then again at :10 when I press the pedal in again.
What's that noise Jeep TJ Wrangler - YouTube

homebrwd 02-11-2013 08:58 AM

Update: so even though most people don't have a driveline issue with the UCF ultra high clearance skid and low profile transmission mount, I did. Stopped driving the rig and finally picked up a magnetic angle finder, my drive shaft was 20 degrees off from my pinion and TC. So while I save up for an SYE, drive shaft, adj control arms and track bar I picked up the UCF 1 in skid spacers. Installed those today and the noise is gone.

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