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nicolas-eric 09-14-2008 07:40 PM

Rear Driveshaft Options ?

In another thread Iīve read that I could install a modified Cherokee driveshaft instead of buying an expensive SYE and CV driveshaft.
HE wrote that a used Cherokee driveshaft can be cutted down and then it would fit in a lifted Wrangler on the stock TC.
Is that true?
The Cherokee has a rear D35, will that fit on my D44?

I have about 4-4.5" of lift, a 1" MML and no TC drop. In the winter I want to install a flat TC skid. And it would be perfekt if I could do that with a cheap Cherokee driveshaft instead of an expensive SYE.

nicolas-eric :wavey:

whitebuffalo 09-14-2008 09:54 PM

the cherokee front shaft is a cv shaft. without a sye, i dont know if or how much it will help. i have a sye and am running one. its cheap and easy. im not sure what size u joints the 44 uses, but im sure you could get an adaptor u joint if needed. what are you hoping to gain by switching ds but not going sye (not bashing, just asking)

nicolas-eric 09-14-2008 11:47 PM


Originally Posted by whitebuffalo (Post 264239)
what are you hoping to gain by switching ds but not going sye (not bashing, just asking)

Thatīs the question..
I just read that I could install a XJ DS instead of a SYE and a CV DS.

AzTJ 09-15-2008 01:19 AM

Actually, an XJ front shaft does have a fixed yoke at the t-case output. So you would still need an SYE. A rear XJ shaft is longer than a stock TJ shaft, but too long in stock wheel base form.

4Jeepn 09-15-2008 05:57 AM

Thinking out loud here: So if you have a stock t-case and just cut a xj shaft to fit, don't you just have the same thing as the setup you already have? Was this maybe saying its cheaper to cut down an xj shaft vs buying a new one with an SYE. I could see that perhaps, but I don't see the other. Do you have a link to the mod?

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