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kensjeep 01-25-2013 07:24 PM

Feb Snow Run
Anyboby doing the snow run posted on ?

RubiconRich 01-26-2013 10:54 PM


Rafikie 02-05-2013 09:17 PM

MuddyTJ97 02-05-2013 09:30 PM

Can u pm me an address close to here or let me know how far away this event is from south Windsor, ct? I'm interested if its not to far away.

Thanks, Chris

Rafikie 02-06-2013 07:28 PM

Not far from Peterborough, NH but if you wanted to spend the night there are plenty of B&Bs in the area.

Rafikie 02-12-2013 09:42 PM

Plenty of snow now lol

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