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appleman46 01-28-2013 12:02 PM

Good places to eat?
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Just thought we could share some of our favorite, non-chain restaurants.

If you like German food, there's a great place in Columbus called Schmidt's Sausage Haus. If you guys know of any good mexican or BBQ places to try let me know.

This is for anywhere in Ohio, I love to travel so Im not opposed to driving a few hours for some good food.

Taregs 02-04-2013 07:48 PM

Dayton area:
Los Reyes mexican restaraunt
-seriously the best authentic mexican food that I have ever had. The place is family owned and operated. Some of the waiters and waitresses are the kids of the owners, and they give aome of the best service. My wife and I take our kids there once a week

AlexS 02-04-2013 08:41 PM

Out in East Cleveland near Mentor is a place called Smoke BBQ. Some of the best briquette I have ever had! And there is a mom and pop bake shop next door with some good cupcakes. Also Don Tequilas is a good local mexican place.

LiftedTj 02-04-2013 08:45 PM

Great call on NON chain restaurants.
Toledo area.
*San Marcos Market and Restaurant. It started as a small Mexican grocery with a lunch counter that expanded due to it being to crowded for the store.
*Rudy's Hot Dog. Been around for 90+ years
*City Bar B Que is pretty tasty also
*Cake in a Cup was featured on Cupcake wars on Food Network

Harvey502 02-05-2013 05:48 PM

Well in Lima there is casa lual beer barrel and the Q and just north of here in Ottawa red pig inn and Henry's

BigDog21 02-05-2013 06:50 PM

Gallipolis - Remo's It's a little hot dog joint. Italian sauce. Also in Gallipolis...Lorobi's Pizza.
Chillicothe - The Old Canal Smokehouse.

Taregs 02-06-2013 09:38 PM

Cousin vinnys pizza. Omg. So delish. very readonable pricing and super tasty.

Also,,, casanos pizza. Must have

ohioviper 02-20-2013 04:30 AM

+1 for Chillicothe - The Old Canal Smokehouse
Smoked brisket or pork is killer.They have some really good food.
Another unique non chain is Sumburger. Its an old car hop place.Burgers and fries ect.

jp2611 02-20-2013 04:35 AM

Since not opposed to Fort Wayne IN there is a very good "local chain" owned by the same family Mexican eateries there are 3 of them but only 2 are called Ceboya's.

The Margarita's are huge and only $7.....but the food is really realy good as well.and reasonably priced.

I got a good line on Italian but it is another 2 hours from the Fort.

sirchadley 02-20-2013 09:13 PM

+1 on remo's.. rode down there this past summer on the motorcycle. was one of the best dogs i've had in awhile..

like the beer barrel in lima to.. and i know happys pizza is a small chain out of michigan but they just opened up in lima and have awesome wings and pizza.

Davidicus1 02-22-2013 07:54 PM

Southwest Ohio-Springdale specific
BBQ joint called Rib City. Only issue is it is located above Hooters.
so I tend to eat at Rib City and drink at Hooters.

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