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wxjeep 01-28-2013 06:49 PM

Is there any garage within South Haven to Kalamazoo to Holland that specializes in lifted suspensions with Wranglers??

I was planning on lowering my 98 Wrangler a bit, but was told that the OEM suspension will not allow the use of 33 tires. Which is the current tires I have on that vehicle. If I keep the current high suspension and replace the rear axle (it must be replaced - too costly to repair), then there are some changes that must be done. The "pumpkin" on the current badly worn rear axle is nearly at a 45* angle (pinion yoke). The original owner used the OEM drive shaft versus replacing it with a longer drive shaft. Also, the track bar is too short causing the rear axle to be slightly offset to the body. Passenger side rear tire sticks out about 1" - 2" from the fender flare while the driver's side is within the fender flare. Besides that, the track bar bent back causing the track bar bracket & bolt to rub against the gas tank. Apparently they hit something against the rear axle as it's slighting out of alignment with the frame. Plus the driver's side shock rod is also bent, keeping the shock from traveling the full distance. Passenger side shock is broken, has no resistance allowing too much body sway.

I need to have someone that knows all about lift suspensions to get it done right "if" I keep the Jeep on the apparent 6" lift (no body lift). Or lower to a proper level for the use of 33 tires. It will need new shocks. It also needs new lower ball joints and possibly a front end alignment. It could also use two new tires on the back. Would like to get it fixed since I have some greenbacks from taxes. I like to drive my Jeep, it's kinda fun. Would be more fun knowing I can drive it on the freeway (70 mph) without worrying about running someone off the road do to excessive wandering. It's far worse in four wheel high, can't drive it much over 35 mph. Un-noticeable in four wheel low.

Lithium Lotus 02-06-2013 09:13 PM

JCR Offroad in Kalamazoo
JcrOffroad, Inc.

Cascade 4x4 in Grand Rapids
Cascade 4WD - Four Wheel Drive Projects

phittie1100 02-08-2013 07:39 AM

I don't know the guys at Cascade, but x2 on JCR.

Sounds like you have quite a project on your hands

wxjeep 02-10-2013 02:48 AM

Ok, will check into them.

Update, the tires I have are 31's, not 33's. Just went with what the original owner said till last Monday when I bought four brand new tires at Walmart Service Center. The four new tires made a difference in how it handles now. I can cruise along at 50 mph in 4 wheel high range without it wandering all over the place and fighting with the steering wheel. It shifts out of 4 high without banging. So there shouldn't be any issues lowering it back down.

It's a must to lower the Jeep as it is now my daily driver. I ended up crashing my little pickup do to a driver in an SUV going too fast and didn't stop. I T-bone his vehicle and totaled out my pickup. Five months ago I finally paid off the loan - early. It was all mine. Now it's destine for the scrap heap. Was planning on giving that a new paint job, add some accessories to it.

Scrap those plans and spend the extra cash on the Jeep. Jeep needs a hitch receiver - if they make them for Wranglers. Don't have a pickup to haul stuff, so will need to tow a trailer with the Wrangler. The gas gauge sending unit seems to be working better the more it's driven. Need the rear axle overhauled or replaced with a good used one, suspension lowered, lower ball joints, front pinion bearing and seal, heater core and new shocks would do wonders. Sell off my adjustable Rough Country control arms and coil springs with spacers.

Baileyb07 02-10-2013 10:18 PM

What are you doing with the lift?

Lithium Lotus 02-11-2013 04:34 PM

If it has 31's on it, you can go down to stock height springs and trackbars. I would keep the adjustable control arms though.

They do make trailer hitches for TJ, they run anywhere from $150-$200. You can also buy an aftermarket off-road bumper with a built in trailer hitch and d-ring mounts for around $200 without a tire carrier. Here's a Procomp bumper for $150

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