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jewiii08 01-29-2013 10:32 AM

Transmission help!!
'91 yj 2.5L AX5

Ok, so I just got my jeep back from the shop after getting an SYE and double-cardan rear drive shaft. While it was in the shop the mechanic told me I had a broken motor mount and transmission mount so I told him to go ahead and replace them. Now, my AX-5 will occasionally get "stuck" in 1st gear, I've gotten it out every time so far, but I have to yank and yank and push the clutch in and out before it will finally just let go and act normal again. This wasn't happening nearly as often or as bad before I took it to the shop. Now, I'm thinking it's probably time for a new transmission, but I don't want to put money into the AX5, I'd rather do a swap for an AX 15. I've read that there are kits that will do it but because of the size dimensions you need a different rear drive shaft and things like that.

Obviously I don't want to switch out my brand new rear drive shaft or SYE. Will the double-cardan work fine with the extra length of the AX-15? Should I just get a rebuilt AX5 and put it in or rebuild mine instead of upgrading? I don't know anything about transmissions or drivetrain stuff, so any input would be greatly appreciated. Also, keep in mind that I am in college and have no tools or space to work on my jeep myself so it will be going to the shop.

jokerchief462 01-29-2013 11:34 AM

Looks l9ike bad timing. If you swap over to AX-15 driveshaft length will be an issue. But shop around see how much it will be before you pull thee trigger.

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