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dougman1971 09-17-2008 07:56 AM

Heater / Blower Problem 2000 Wrangler
I'm new to the WF. I'm trying to fix my girlfriends 2000 Wrangler and am in need of some help.
Her heater blower fan hadn't been working for a month or two and this past weekend a new problem developed; the engine kills when the heater is turned on. The control switch appears to be working fine and the resistor block is fine; I removed the blower fan and applied 12 volts to it and it spun.
When the vehicle is running and you turn on the heater the blower motor doesn't even attempt to spin and usually very shortly the engine will start to idle uneven (tachometer jumps up and down) and then quits. I checked the wires from the blower fan to the relay and to the resistor block - all good. The wires on the back of the control switch are good (nothing melted) the 3 wire connector on the mode selector are also fine.
There is a black wire that supplies ground to the 3 wire connector on the mode selector switch; where does that get connected to?
I've searched the forums for a similar type problem and have not come across anything; just the usual control switch or resistor block problem.
Anyone have a wiring diagram they want to share?

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