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Wr@ngler00 07-02-2006 03:05 AM

Leaking Jeep
I recently noticed that my jeep has some sort of leak that is coming from under the passenger side dash. I can not isolate this to one spot. I have catch all mats in the front but some how the water is getting under the mats. I have heard before that there might be some spots on the firewall that water might sneak though but i dont know where. Someone please help!!!!

Don GIbson 07-05-2006 05:27 PM

I had a problem with water getting into my cab. Water would drip on my right foot, when it was raining, as I accelerated. I asked the same question on this forum. Some great jeepers told me to check the fresh air induction chamber drain tube. I have an 02 TJ. Mine runs from the middle of the firewall down to a flatted drain rubber boot just above the tranny. The good jeepers said that tube gets full of crap and the water can get caught in your heating and colling duct work. Try finding a hose or the rubber boot like mine and make sure it is able to drain water out of the induction chamber. Good luck.

97TJAC 07-05-2006 07:40 PM

I hope you find the problem
I get water on both sides!!
espically after all this nice Ohio rain we have been getting

Good luck :}

bluvikng 07-05-2006 07:42 PM

Just make sure that the drain hole is clear from your air intake from the outside of your Jeep. You know, the part that has a grill over it, just before your hood starts, just below your windshield, on the outside of your Jeep.

Wr@ngler00 07-06-2006 01:24 AM

I found the cause of my leak. On the passenger side, against the firewall, behind my battery there is a box looking thing, i think its my heater core. Well the SOB had one side where water was falling into and draining onto the floorpan under my catch all mats. I took some silicone and put a large bead around the perimiter of this heater core and the leak stopped. Like i said i dont know what its called but it is a box behind the battery against the firewall... hope this helps some

sound hound 07-06-2006 06:03 AM

You probably know this Wr@ngler00, but if it is your heater core leaking you will want to fix it and not just seal up the housing it sets in. In due time it will go thru some anti freeze and leave your radiator low. If it's just condensation then not to worry, other than the "wet" mess.

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