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RokleM 09-17-2008 11:16 AM

Silly questions from a newbie
1) No matter what I try, I can't seem to get my key to work in the center console lock. I've read you only insert it part of the way, it should be keyed to the ignition/doors, etc. No luck. Suggestions? I know it's just a very minor deterrent and they will get in via crowbar if they want, but it would make me feel better for now until I get something that works well.

2) Not only am I a Jeep newbie, but I'm a manual newbie. Exactly how hard to you have to yank the hand break for it to engage? It seems like if I give it a minor tug (maybe 3/4 up), it will still move on even the slightest incline. I have to give it a good yank to really keep it in place. Normal? Something need adjusted/fixed?

3) On that same note of being a Jeep/manual newbie, anyone have suggestions on offroading basics? i.e. start the TJ in 2nd gear, etc. Again new, so some tips or a website with basics would be great.

Jma20a 09-17-2008 11:52 AM

for the console just push the key as far down as it goes, no need to force it into place. as for the e-brake i usually give it a good tug goes up 3/4 of the way to the top. that i do with my manual trans it after you shut it off and pull up the e-brake i just put it in 1st gear and that will keep it from rolling down a hill.

98TJSahara 09-17-2008 11:57 AM

1) Is it the stock console? If not it might a dif key, just a thought. Try lubrication, it may have never been used in the past. And yes they wull try anything to get your loose change, I had both my glove box and center console broken into.
2)I yank my break all the way to the last click, but the cable can be adjusted tighter.
3) Rule # 1 - Never go alone!, but if you do: be prepared for things to break, its inevitable. Out of the box they only made for light offroad use. Take out real light, get good feel how wide of trails you can navigate, when you'll to use 4x4, turning radius on trails, etc. I just recently learned that they sink fast sandy, gravel type surfaces, so if you are making a run through deep water get a good start, and always no your path is gonna work out before you attempt. (measure twice/cut once).

sailsurf7713 09-18-2008 07:03 PM

1. Not original equipment?...or maybe someone tried or did break into it at some time?. Could always just lose it. My friends Jeep with full doors and console freaks me out...claustrophobic:rofl:.

2. Pick up a service manual, I like haynes and it'll give you a walk through on adjusting the cable tension. It sounds like it isn't adjusting itself as its supposed to, which seems to be a tendency on Chrysler vehicles. The one time I needed my Dakota's e-brake the brake line had blown...didn't work to well:banghead:. There also a link hanging around to a listserv that has the factory manual on it.

3. Biggest mistake I've ever heard of: going alone. Buddy got his disco stuck on state property and real real bad. Buddy with a defender had to go risk his own 35,000 dollar truck to help him, only to be unsuccessful.

I've also watched a stock range rover with a beat suspension and tires make it all the way through a pretty rough trail, because the club he was wheeling with didn't push him, they guided him through everything well and when he was in trouble they all were there, including myself ready to bail him out.

Second: don't do something that looks stupid or unobtainable. Same buddy did exactly that. He thought he was hot shit in his stock disco. Flipped it over. No more off-roading for him.

Do what you're comfortable with and find the limits of your vehicle. Things don't have to break, but if you want to take it a step further...well expect it. Think out the lines you take and if your jeep doesn't like it. Listen!...or it'll make you pay for it. On that same trip I mentioned previously the only damage suffered was to a disco. He was using 4 hi to climb a rock face, when his tires broke lose he pushed it harder. He didn't think out his line, didn't bother to air down, just hit it harder the same way and went straight into a tree. Later on he decided he'd follow a jeep through a water hole hahahahahaha....I won't post that picture for his sake.

And one that I really stand by on even the simplest trails is don't be afraid to drop her in 4 low. Its there for a reason. If you go bounding down a rocky road in 4 hi you're probably in 1st or 2nd going too fast for the terrain and hitting the accelerator erratically cause you're bouncing all over the place. In 4 low you can use a higher gear with the same amount of torque and crawl along nice and slow allowing more time to think out lines, avoid obstacles, and overall the vehicle is taking less abuse.

Happy Wheeling. Happy Jeepin. Happy wrenching. You're gonna love it all.

sailsurf7713 09-18-2008 07:12 PM

Hey Jma20a,

How are those 31" dunlops on the 4 banger, and in general? I like the price and reviews. But I also like my 20 mpg.

Sorry to thread jack.

RokleM 09-19-2008 09:47 AM

Thanks for the info guys. Yes, it's the stock console, and as far as I can tell the stock lock. I'll try the lube and see if I can break it free.

Jma20a 09-19-2008 11:06 AM


Originally Posted by sailsurf7713 (Post 265390)
Hey Jma20a,

How are those 31" dunlops on the 4 banger, and in general? I like the price and reviews. But I also like my 20 mpg.

Sorry to thread jack.

not too bad, i added an intake and exhaust and that helped get 90% of the lost power back. as of right now i get 13-14 mpg on the highway going 70-75mph, if i drive around 65 i get 15 if i'm lucky.

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