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jchapman34 07-02-2006 08:16 PM

Question about Soft Tops and half doors
This may be a 'dumb' question, but as I have proclaimed in my other posts, I'm a newbie...

I'm looking to replace my top (has a hole and is stretched) and have full factory doors. I would like to replace the full doors with the plastic molded doors, but haven't been able to find good literature as to what tops they will work with.

As for the top, I can't tell what kind of hardware I have. Looking at Quadratec's site, I know its not a Best Top or other replacement hardware listed there. It doesn't appear to be OEM, as the top does not "snap" above the doors. It loops around with a velcro attachment (which isn't very good).

Any thoughts on the hardware or comments about the molded doors and tops would be appreciated. I know I can spend some big bucks on tops, but want to reserve some money for a lift, so economy is a must. This isn't a daily driver, so I'm not looking for perfect....


jchapman34 07-02-2006 08:39 PM

Well, it appears I have a Pavement End Flip Top...even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then...

I would still appreciate any comments or suggestions!

amerijeep 07-02-2006 11:52 PM

I believe you can easily offset the cost of your new top and the doors you want buy selling your full doors. I've seen them go pretty well on some of the jeep sites and Ebay.

I have never seen in person the molded doors, but I've seen pic and I know that they are in just about all the catalogs. I've wondered if they were worth the money, but I can't really say. I'm thinking they would be very similar to the half doors and probably would use whatever door upper is appropriate for your top purchase. I'm strictly guessing, so hopefully someone has more input.

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