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BuddyG 09-20-2008 12:59 PM

Slipped Leaf Spring
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This morning, I noticed my 93 YJ leaning a bit on the passenger side and the rear wheel was way off center in the wheel well. It seems that one of the leaf springs slid out of place (check out the attached photo). I can't find any damage/cracks/breaks/missing components anywhere. I've owned this vehicle for about a year now and haven't taken her into anything thick, hit deep holes, or anything like that.
The driver's side looks fine (second photo). I'm hoping that something was just loose and it finally slipped. Any suggestions on a fix action? My plan is to raise the body and check/tighten everything up.

reevesdieselyj 09-20-2008 01:19 PM

When a leaf spring slips like that it has either broken in half or the bolt that goes through the leaf spring pack has broke. should be an easy fix I would remove the spring and put a new bolt down through the center of the leaf springs then reinstall them.

BuddyG 09-20-2008 09:57 PM

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Yep, that was it...sort of.

The fool who owned it before me half-assed his lift-kit install. Rather than taking the time to line up all of the holes in the springs and run the bolt though, he just cut the bolts down so they wouldn't run through the spings. I removed both sides, aligned everything, ran new bolts in, and reinstalled. It's a lot quieter now :banghead:

Here's the after photos. Once the passenger side was done, I realized the driver side wasn't as healthy as I previously thought.

Thanks for your help, ReevesDieselYJ.

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