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redneckcowboy28 09-21-2008 12:16 PM

She broke the block!!!
Well the girlfriend broke the block on the jeep! Not really her fault that I can find but i blame her. Block has bout quarter size hole beside motor mount on each side and a crack over the fuel pump. But no fear I have a fix! Awhile back i bought an '81 J-series pickup for cheap. From wat i found the engine is the same, and the truck has d44 axles in it. The pickup also has a 4-speed tranny. I am considering swapping the tranny and tranfer case out of the truck too. The current jeep tranny likes to jump out of reverse and for wat I have heard rumor of the truck tranny and tranfer would have lower gear ratios than the wrangler currently has. Any suggestions will be appreciated and thought thru well since this and the house and couple other projects are on for the winter cold. Thanks

screwloose 09-23-2008 08:16 PM

how in the world did you..........she.....crack a cast Iron block? So your 89 is a 4.2L? Is it carb'd or injected? I thought 88 and on were fuel injected 4.0 L? The 258 out of the 81 is basically the same block. In 81 i think the manual trans was a T-4 or T-176 and the axles should be the same width (44's would be sweet!)? The wheel base is different so simple measurements should tell you if it fits but you'll likely need different shafts. You can determine the gearing by jacking up the rear end and turning the rear wheel one revolution and counting the number of turns the driveshaft makes by comparison. bout all i have

4Jeepn 09-24-2008 01:27 PM

Hm, so what was she doing when the breakage happened? As for fuel injection I think 91 and new is when th 4.0L got it on the YJ's.

redneckcowboy28 09-27-2008 07:00 PM

Well from what I can figure the engine was severly overheated before we got it. It is the 4.2L with a Holley 600 carb. As for what she was doing she just decided to drive it to town and it go boom. Oh well give me something to do this winter. Now for the big decision on the axle swap. Do i go spring over and go to 35" tires or stay spring under with the 33's?

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