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jferreira24 02-05-2013 10:36 PM

Wanna Go For a Ride?
My name is Jason I am from lowell mass and love taking my new wrangler off roading.
I go riding with several friends every weekend. sometimes mudding, trail riding, rock climbing, im down to try anything. These are the people i ride with.
we have nothing against anytype of jeep truck or manufacturer, we all have the same passion of just riding going out and enjoying the trails.
we are looking to have people join us in riding, show us some new trails, we can show you some of our trails. we even from time to time will hang out after riding and ride our 3 wheelers, quads, or even go karts sometimes around and just hang out by a fire.
we are all aged from 20-25 and just looking for people and friends who enjoy the land as we do . want to join us? add our facebook page
Mass and Southern NH off roading!/groups/544461068911867/

im not looking for membership dues or any min requirements... requirements, you must have a pulling device, hook strap chain winch, something, show some incentive on us helping you out if you get stuck... were all friends and we all met doing what we love doing, off roading.
when not off roading im a racecar driver. my name is jason ferreira check my racing site out,
i work at a family auto repair shop in westford mass, we install lift kits installed the 10 inch fabtech on the 2013 ford above...and can do work to yours too, Ferreira's Automotive in Westford MA.
well hope to get some feedback from this, hopefully some good feedback...
Thanks Again,
Jason Ferreira

G-Pur 02-06-2013 12:52 PM

Hey Jason, Welcome to the forum. I'm in your neck of the woods, and run with North Shore Jeeps, but it's always good to have some wrench wielding friends in the area.


Raiderfan001 02-06-2013 01:00 PM

What lift on your Jeep? And 35s or 37s?

jferreira24 02-06-2013 01:55 PM

Sounds good I'm running 37s and 6 inch lift..

mack0092 02-17-2013 10:51 AM

I dont have much time in the winter but come spring time I'll definitely be down to do some wheeling. I'm not too far away for you guys. Looks like I'm running the same 37's as you. Hows your D30 holding up? any problems yet? Hopefully I'll be getting gussetts for mine soon. Noticed your fender chop, I've been wanting too but I'm still too scared.

jferreira24 02-18-2013 10:32 PM

Mack, i had surgery on my left shoulder about 3 weeks ago...on a thursday. that sunday i went riding, had no problems, then the following sunday went riding and blew my dana30 up... spider gear is completely gone, got it replaced and going on my way.... it was hands down a driver issue, instead of letting someone pull me out, i manhandled my jeep for a few extra mins (10) and just wouldnt rest it,.. expensive lesson learned. but now i respect my jeep more and know the handling ability.. lol

I am setting up a ride for this weekend... Saturday is the vermonster, sunday we are looking to go riding...

We have had some luck finding a little mud in NH between a couple different trails in the nashua NH area, we are now looking to spread our tracks down south, see if we can make new friends and learn more trails. kind of like a trade, you show us your trails, we show you ours. Not looking to make rules restrictions or policies, aside from the obvious, 4 tires, semi-reliable, have a chain strap or some motive for someone else to pull you out. and NO DRUGS!
otherwise LETS RIDE.
really interested in hearing about the trails, roads, powerlines, pits, anything in mass area. if you know of anything please contact me directly.
We Leave Nothing Behind but tire tracks and take only pictures and memories.
Wicked _ 4x4
Vermonster4x4 SNOWBOG! | Facebook
we are a personalized group, which allows everyone to add their own _ in the title... weather it be wicked cheap, broke, fast, tall, short, stuck, dirty, clean, pissa, what ever you want to call yourself thats fine, just what ever you do, do it with friends and have fun.
Jason Ferreira
Lowell, MA
GMC Dealer Westford MA Used GMC Cars Westford - Ferreira's Automotive
theres all the information you would ever need on someone, please any questions dont hestiate to contact me, just looking to ride and have a good time

if you are interested shoot me a text, message, or post here and we can definitely make arrangements

benjamin.allen 02-19-2013 03:07 PM

cant this weekend on call for work but would like to get and ride with you guys gotta try out my lift and tires

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