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japanrider 02-07-2013 01:20 AM

I am starting to take my jeep apart this weekend to start painting everything, (like the red but it's just does not feel like mine yet). I am planning on doing the interior in black and the exterior in a deep blue pearl with some flake. I am thinking about taking and covering the floor in the Jeep with a fiberglass clearcoat and leaving it in a rough finish or doing Plastic Dip on it. I am also trying to think about what to do with the mirrors, handles, and flares on it. I have been reading about plastic dip and rino liner. I can get the plastic dip here locally but am having issues locating a rino style lining. I am thinking about getting the plastic dip in a gallon can then thinning it out enough to push it through a gun, but was wondering if anyone has tried this. I have yet to find the stuff here in a spray bottle, and if I did it would be aroung $15 a can just like spray paint. I can't order it and have it shipped international because the rino style liners and the plastic dips are considered hazmat. I've also thought about doing the flares in matte black or just leaving them alone. Any ideas would be great. I am a professional painter here with a full shop, but I've never tried the plastic dip. Thanks!

Wattapunk 02-07-2013 06:36 AM

Plastidip will not hold up to areas that are abuse. There's no way it will hold up in the interior floorboard. Exterior uses such as grille, flares, wheels are ok but not the interior. Any accidential gouges in plastidip and it will have to be peeled off. Go with some type of bedliner paint for the interior(Herculiner, Line-X, Rhinoliner).

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