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sethert 02-07-2013 10:11 AM

insturment cluster help needed
well ive read a bunch of old posts on here but got nowhere. i have a 97 tj wrangler 2.5l. the dummy lights all work but nothing on the guages.

troubleshooting ive already done

i went trough all grounds all is good i removed the cluster twisted all male end prongs to insure conecction i determined that the left side harness is power to the cluster as well as leads for the dummy lights n the right side harness (grey) is where the guages get signal from i got full battery voltave coming into the left side harness so i know its getting power to the cluster there a way to test the cluster it doesnt seem so to me...thx for the help

Wattapunk 02-07-2013 10:27 AM

Just to clarify your post, so your gauges doesn't work or just the lights?

sethert 02-07-2013 10:41 AM

indicator lights work.....guages dont......headlights do work

sethert 02-07-2013 11:36 AM

also the radio doesnt work

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