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PeteH 02-08-2013 05:36 PM

Oil Pressure Sender
The other day, the oil-pressure gauge went to the top of the range ("80"). There wasn't anything leaking so I drove the car home anyway. I turned it off and waited a bit before re-starting. When I turned the key "on", the gauge climbed to the midpoint ("40") and stayed there until I started the engine, when it went all the way up.

So I figured it was the sender. I've seen complaints/comments on this and other forums that it's a common problem.

I looked in the Chilton "manual" with no luck -- there's not even an entry for it in the index. I looked on this forum, and various people said it was in various places. SO I went to the store and got one, and started looking for something like that, under the hood.

I finally found it all the way to the rear of the block, almost to the bell-housing. And then the fun began. What a PITA to remove !! I got a 27mm deep socket that would fit over the connector (ALSO a PITA to get loose), and that was fine for breaking it free, but had only about 1/12 of a circle swing before getting involved with the cables and wire harnesses; so I went in from underneath, with an array of extensions and wiggler tips, and finally got it out. In went the new one, and everything is fine.

This is a great example of crappy design-engineering. If you could GET AT the thing, it would be a five-minute job; instead it took most of an hour, not counting time spent running to the parts store.

Oh -- BTW, the "Sender" socket that was on the shelf at Pep Boys -- labelled "fits most 1" and 1-1/16" senders" -- DIDN'T fit.

Atthehop 02-08-2013 06:13 PM

Just the beginning of the frustration when working on a wrangler.

mdtcarpentry 02-08-2013 06:19 PM

I had the same problem w/ sender sockets . So I just bought a ratcheting wrench and between the ratchet side and the open end it worked ok.

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