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Hound2005 09-26-2008 12:44 PM

mileage or months before servicing?
which one you guys go by mileage or the months before you change anything? of course depending on how you drive it too... i have a 2005 tj sport with 18,150 miles on it only and city and highway driven no off road yet my dilema is i'm about to change the spark plugs to bosch ir fusion should i wait until i reach 30k or go ahead do it now since my tj was built on june 05? :confused: thanks...

4Jeepn 09-26-2008 12:49 PM

for oil, which ever comes 1st. As for the plugs changing now will not hurt anything.

Atthehop 09-26-2008 02:31 PM

for oil every 3K, or about every 6 weeks if I commute alone. longer when I car pool.

Hound2005 09-27-2008 09:27 AM

engine oil is no problem i normally change it every 6k using mobil 1 fully synthetic extended performance as well as rotate my tires while draining and check under while i have it on the jack stands for any abnormalities which i found a small leak in my muffler right on the side by the resonator a quick fix from jb weld put 2 coatings on it well since i bought the plugs already i might as well put it on since it's over 36 months thanks...

tj1230 09-28-2008 10:44 AM

Can I ask why your going to Bosch IR Fusion? I have had a couple buddies that run them and had nothing but problems with them sparking irraticaly and throwin codes. They changed the plugs and ran a set of NGK-R and never looked back.

To answer your questions, I change my oil about every 5K and I run Amsoil FULL synthetic and rotate my tires every two. I change my plugs about when I change my oil. Always has worked for me.

Triple88a 09-28-2008 11:38 AM

i've only heard bad experiences of the Bosch plugs which convinced me not to try them. The basic crap is you will have 4 sparks therefore better combustion. Come on, electricity looks for the shortest route meaning you will only have 1 spark and the rest of the prongs will just stay there untouched. The only good thing for the plugs is as the plugs wear, they will last a bit longer because as soon as the first prong wears enough, The spark will go to the next closest prong, so the spark will rotate between the 4 prongs according to their gap from the center.

You change plugs every 50k mile? I think thats very far from often so if you just cant stand to change them every 50 and want to change them every 80k, you should not own a vehicle.

The main problem that i see with those spark plugs is you cant adjust how big the gap is so now you have people installing these things with a huge gap on stock aplication that has the small weak coil that barely makes enough electricity to throw it over the 1/8" gap. This is how many get misfires and throw codes.

Brewski 09-28-2008 09:02 PM


You change plugs every 50k mile? QUOTE]

who said 50k???

Triple88a 09-28-2008 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by Brewski (Post 268026)
who said 50k???

that's the recommended according to my auto book. I wasnt referring to any one personally.

Brewski 09-28-2008 10:22 PM

gotcha. man that sounds a little long. i usually go like every 4 or 5 oil changes. but then i probably go a little overboard on multiple things

rketr 09-28-2008 11:45 PM

Hard question to all depends on how hard I wheel it.

As to oil changes for example, if I'm just doing city driving and can't make it out to an offroad area, I'll just do the oil every 3k or 3months like recommended. However, I've gone as quick as every few hundred miles between oil changes...if I'm lucky enough to get out and wheel the crap outta it.

Spark plugs? Are the current ones giving you problems? like 42K on my '03's original stock ones and it never misses a beat...

Hound2005 09-29-2008 02:43 PM

not giving me any problems at all just wanted to stay on top of the preventive maintenance you know i will be returning those today and just wait for the next oil change and check it out thanks...

Jerry Bransford 09-29-2008 03:44 PM

Thouse Bosch IR plugs do not have iridium on both sides of the gap, you need to avoid using them on your distributorless ignition system equipped TJ. The 2 plug per coil-on-plug distributorless ignition system your 4.0L has cannot handle plugs that have different materials on the two sides of the gap. The factory has a TSB about such plugs and if they find them installed, they are under factory orders to remove them. They are known to cause hard to troubleshoot problems where the engine doesn't idle or run smoothly.

You can either run a conventional plug like the Champion Truck plug #4412, or if you want platinum like I prefer, go with Autolite's APP985 which has has platinum on both sides of the gap, as indicated by the two P's in the part number. Or any plug that you can determine has the same material on both sides of the gap, other brands besides the Autolite APP985 have plugs like that. Champion is another manufacturer that makes plugs with platinum on both sides of the gap, which is commonly referred to as "double tipped".

Personally, I avoid any of the gimmick plugs like many of Bosch's are, as well as just crappy quality plugs like Splitfire. My last set of Autolite platinum plugs lasted over 100K miles and they still had the same .035 gap when I swapped them last month for new Autolite platinums. :)

Hound2005 10-01-2008 02:26 PM

great thanks for the info, will do...

slf41002 10-01-2008 05:35 PM

If you already have them I would return the Bosch and get something else of personal preference.I like Autolite in Dodge Jeep and Chrysler,AC in GM,Motorcraft/Champion in ford,NGK in imports and motorcycles and so on but Bosch I have found nothing they are good in.GM they loosen up and back out,Ford they burn up to quick and imports they do not perform very well at all.I have not tried them or know any one that has in a Jeep or Chrysler so I can not say but I have in the others mentioned just because the customer supplied them not because I wanted to use them.

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