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jquinn83 02-09-2013 07:33 PM

First Off-road experience
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Took the Offroading 101 course at Rausch Creek Off-road park today and it was so worth it. I was amazed at the things my Wrangler could do, especially with me behind the wheel. Everything is so counter-intuitive; when you think you should turn, you go straight, when you think you should break let out the clutch and give some power. Half the stuff we did I would have never attempted. "He's not going up that rocky hill. Please don't go up that rocky hill, he went up the rocky hill." Just let the vehicle do the work apply some throttle when it needs it you'll be fine" Sure enough, up she goes.

I think if the Jeep could talk she would be like:
"Relax! Unclench your buttcheeks, get off the brake and let me handle this. I got this."
"Yes ma'am"

There was a couple of inches of snow which allowed us to learn about sliding around and traction in the white stuff. Eventually that led us to learn about recovery. I got myself stuck good against a tree with my rear against a tree and my rear wheel with nothing under it. (not sure if the attachments took). Winched me out in 10mins and we were off. By the end of the day me and the other TJ were plowing thru stuff the instructors Cherokee was having trouble with. Tested both my skid plates and my intestinal fortitude.

Thanks to Kyle and the rest of the Rc4x4 staff, I had a blast.

Jeepin_Dad 02-10-2013 07:22 AM

The Rausch staff does a really good job. I trail guide for quite a few events at Rausch and that is normally how it goes, new comers to offroading usually find that their Jeep is more capable than they are when starting out. Give it a few more times and your confidence will grow and you will get a better idea of what your Jeep is able to do and what its limitations are.

Glad you had a good time, if you are interested we are doing a charity ride in August that includes guided rides for all levels there is more info if you click the link in my signature.

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