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Tiaan 02-10-2013 10:18 AM

ARB vs MAC solenoind for arb lockers
Here is the big next thing and I hope someone can chime in pretty quick. I friend of mine works at an auto dealer as a shop maneger. He called about a tj that just came in and that i need to come and look at it right away before it sells.

I told everyone at work I have to go do my taxes right away :angel:. jumped in my tj and when i got there he had it on the hoist with this big smile on his face. I knew i was in for it now cuz he had his flash light ready to just reveal the beauty of this TJ:popcorn:. He showed me the SYE and the rear Dana 44 and just to top it off he said there is more so he went ahead and showed me the ARB FRONT AND REAR LOCKER!!! but the comp and swithes are gone. its still all good right :dance:

We settled on a price for it all and it came out to be ( here is the catcher) $1500 for all of it:eek:

So what did I do? Since Iam still running stock everything on my TJ? I wrote him a check right away:punk::thumb:.
to conclude my ? I dont want to spend 80 bucks on the ARB solenoids so i was wondering if i can just go with the MAC solenoinds which is ALOT less but do the same thing right?

Anybody that can HELP does feel free to chime in.
Here are the solenoinds that I am looking at

Jerry Bransford 02-10-2013 10:33 AM

For all the price savings you got with that Jeep & the fact you were so easily write a check for the total cost of it, I have to think you'd have no problem with paying a little more for the ARB solenoids that are well known to work well.

Tiaan 02-10-2013 12:43 PM

Hi Jerry, my intention was not to sound like an arrogant prick and I want to appoligize for that! I have been saving up for so long to just get a dana 44 or just anything for that matter so when this oppertunity presented it self i could not believe my luck. I just graduated last spring from college so the money is still very tight LOL.

I do believe that the ARB solenoind works very well. I am originally from South Africa and I have a very good friend in Australia and he showed me this solenoind that the ppl from down under are using instead of the ARB. I was just wondering if anybody around here has done this?

Jerry Bransford 02-10-2013 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by Tiaan (Post 3347944)
Hi Jerry, my intention was not to sound like an arrogant prick and I want to appoligize for that!

You didn't sound like that at all, I'm sorry if my reply made you think I might have thought that. Good luck with your decision on your solenoid. It's just my normal way of thinking when deciding between a known quality vs. unknown quality product choice. :)

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