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TurnAndBurn86 02-11-2013 10:05 AM

It's been awhile... Finally back in a Jeep!
Hi all! Well, it's been an eventful 4 years. My kid is growing up, and the wife finally gave me the go ahead. When we met 6 years ago, I was rocking my '86 CJ. We made memories and our daughter in it!!! LOL!!! Anyway, I had to part with the big Jeep and settle for a pre owned BMW for a family car! Wow! A Bimmer!!! Yeah, no! After thousands of dollars worth of useless repairs and the reliability of a wal-mart shopping cart enough was enough. Laying in bed a few weeks ago with the mrs. We reminisced on the fun topless times we had, and how much fun we had in the Jeep! She finally said find one and get it! The hunt was on!!! Well, I looked at a few CJ's around the area and was not happy. Salt has killed them. Then, the other day I get a call from my brother saying his friends mom is selling her farm used TJ. Ok, I'll take a look. She is rough looking to a normal person, but rock solid in my eyes. She didn't start, mismatched wheels and tires, cracked windshield, and roached interior. I spent all of 2 minutes doing the walk around with the women who bought it brand new in '98. $800 was my offer and I got it. Jump started it, air in the tires and limped her home title in hand. Well, after a weekend of running to Auto Zone and the liquor store I finally got a solid, reliable, semi clean jeep that I'm in for around $1,200. Runs like a champ, drives straight, brakes high and hard!

Now, I know I'm diving all around the boards, but man am I excited!!! I am looking for anything interior in the Rockford Illinois area. My seats are totally shot, carpet is gonna get trashed, and the roll bar pads have mold. I want a clean interior so my daughter can ride in it too!

It's been awhile, can anyone steer me in the direction where to get parts and accesories for cheap? I know quadratec, jc Whitney, eBay... Is there a TJ honey hole somewhere???

Thanks everyone! I will be doing some projects and stuff throughout the winter and spring with my daughter and I will do some write ups. I am a fabricator by trade, so if love to hear or see some creative ideas! Ill do some searching on the site.

Sorry for the long essay, I'm just excited and finally away from euro trash!!!

mdavidc 02-11-2013 10:16 AM

Glad to hear you got a jeep.Welcome to the forum.I have seen lots of great advice by some very knowledgable people.

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