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Bendix 02-11-2013 02:21 PM

Another TC (?) noise question...

We don't seem to have a drivetrain shop in our town with a good rep, so I thought I'd get some ideas here before I go searching elsewhere...

2003 Wrangler Sport, 70k, stock except bumpers and 31's.

I get what I likely see referred to as the 'angry sparrows' noise. Sounds more like crazed metallic zombie crickets to me but that's neither here nor there!

Like with others it's speed, not rpm related, happens in or out of gear, and usually goes away once the vehicle has gone a few miles and things have warmed up. After sitting in the cold for a short time the cycle repeats. If I put it in 4hi the noise seems to go away, or at least it greatly diminishes...

This brings me to a second symptom, and I'm wondering if it's likely related or if I have 2 separate issues.

When shifting back to 2wd, instead of the muted 'bump' yards down the road that I've felt since new (and assume is the normal operation) it can take miles before 2wd fully switches with a jarring 'bang' that feels like running over a piece of angle iron or something.

Before the jar, the light switches off normally when shifted, the front wheels don't bind in a sharp parking lot turn, but apparently it's not fully changing.

I'd appreciate any input as to the problem(s), perhaps it's as simple as the tc linkage, or referrals to a good drivetrain specialty shop on the Colorado Front Range.

A photo for taking the time to read this, thanks!

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