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Rough Rider 02-11-2013 05:34 PM

Big Bend Ranch State Park
Shane Rominger (Beached Bum) and I are planning a trip to Big Bend Ranch State Park. He and I scouted it out on our last trip to Big Bend National Park and found it worthy of a dedicated trip to see the rest of it. We have set the dates in stone and they are as follows:

Leave San Antonio Saturday, May 11th. Travel to Terlingua and spend the night. I will be staying at the Chisos Mining Company motel. There is a good campground 1/2 mile from the motel.

Sunday, May 12th. Leave Terlingua and head into the park. Arrive in the park noonish or early afternoon. Check in, set up camp, whatever anyone needs to do to get settled.

Wheel a little to get warmed up.

Monday May 13th - Wednesday May 15th. Wheel the park.

My wife and I will be leaving sometime Wednesday, May 15th. Shane will stay longer even through the weekend if others are staying. If no one stays after Wednesday, Shane will leave sometime Thursday.

I must stress for those who have never been. This is a very primative, desolate area in the Chihuahuan Desert. The park headquarters are approximately 30 miles off of a paved road, at times needing minor 4X4. You MUST carry in sufficient food, water, and gas to last the whole time you are there, and sufficient gas to make it back to Lajitas. THERE ARE NO SERVICES PAST LAJITAS, no gas, food, or water. The visitors center has a few soft drinks. They also supply ice for a donation.

Secondly, this is the desert. You must be prepared with sufficient water on the trails. Shane & I found we were fairly dehydrated after just one day. I was chugging water and beer at a consistant rate. Just want everyone to be prepared as the closest supplies are over 3 hours away.

This is one of the most amazing places I have been. The scenary is like nothing you have ever seen. The trails are NOT maintained and are better than any trails I have seen. The park is over 400 square miles and has trails everywhere. There is no way we will even put a dent the the park on one trip. For campers, there are endless places to camp. The trip up there through the mountains is absolutely awesome. This trip is a must.

We will be traveling HWY 90 through Del Rio. We will probably travel through the national park to Terlingua.

The planning for this trip is in it's early stages. Post up if you would like to join us. You wont regret this experience. I welcome anyone interested in joing us. If anyone has any questions about anything, feel free to contact me by email or phone.

Ray Ingram
210 945-9711

Duckquackers 02-13-2013 04:03 PM

I am interested in the trip, currently pending major knee surgery so it is in the air but sounds awesome. I live in Houston so would meet wherever.

Jwolfer 02-13-2013 05:15 PM

My wife and I are commissioning on May 11th and have orders to Laughlin (Del Rio) sometime after that (we don't have dates yet). We are coming from Tucson and we plan on spending a few nights wheeling/camping at big bend. Let us know how your trip goes and hopefully we can get some good tips!

Rough Rider 02-14-2013 10:09 AM

Welcome aboard Duckquackers. Glad to have you join us. Cell phone service is non existent in Big Bend National and Big Bend State Park. Service is available in Terlingua. We can arrange to meet in San Antonio, Terlingua, or the park.

Hope your knee surgery goes O.K. Looking forward to hearing from you as the date grows nearer. I have posted photos of our previous trip on

Design 02-14-2013 11:05 AM

I've dreamed of a trip down there. Unfortunately I am not nearly ready for that trek.

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