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LACAPITAN 02-11-2013 06:33 PM

Spare Tire THIEF in San Diego
Hey everyone located in Southern CA, I just wanted to post a thread to give everyone in the San Diego and Southern CA area a heads up on an guy that tried stealing my spare tire last Friday.

I work in Central San Diego in a small office building and park my Jeep every day across the street so that I can see it out my office window from my desk. Luckily, while working I just happened to notice a junky older dark blue Toyota 4-runner that was pulled up behind my Jeep with its doors open.

I saw a guy come out of the 4-runner with a tire iron who started to unbolt my spare as quickly as he could (middle of the day, broad day light...this guy must think he's pretty fast at ripping off spare tires). I ran downstairs and outside and naturally started yelling as I ran across the street. He hopped in his SUV and drove off as fast as he could. Unfortunately, all I could get was his license plate number.

White Male
Age: late 30's to early 40's
Height: approximately 5'-10"
Vehicle: DARK BLUE Toyota 4-Runner (most likely '98-'00 model)
License Plate: 6VZP746 (or 6VZP476...I had trouble remembering the order of the last 3 digits)

He loosened two of the normal acorn bolts but didn't get to the Mcgard wheel lock bolt on bottom.

After reporting to the police, I searched the forums to see how well the Mcgard wheel lock works since this guy was still attempting to steal my spare... I have come to the conclusion that the Mcgard locks can still can be taken off pretty easily without the lock key. I will be ordering the Gorilla Spline Drive lug kit (with locks) to replace my Mcgard locks. I'm also going to add a steel cable to lock through the wheel as well to further discourage thieves from stealing my spare. Reference link regarding Mcgard locks (around post #38):

Again, I just wanted to give everyone in this area a heads up. I honestly never thought I'd ever see someone try to steal a spare tire in broad day light:nonono:...I was lucky enough to glance out my office window. Some may not be so lucky, so keep an eye out and lock up those spares!


4 Wheel Fanatic 03-10-2013 02:33 PM

Pretty ballsy of him, glad you were able to at least stop the theft. I'm in socal, my 5th wheel is off, while I'm rolling around LA. Good wheel locks, good investment!

no clue 04-05-2013 04:07 PM

Crazy. Glad to hear he didn't get away with it.

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