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fraungie 10-03-2008 06:59 AM

water water everywhere
Hello Gentleman I have a 95 Jeep Wrangler with a water poroblem. Every time it rains I get a leak under the dashboard, It's pretty nasty. It shorted out my radio and now the gas gauge quit working. I sealed the top of the hood, the rubber along the windshield hinge, and all along the bottom of the glass of the windshield. When it starts to rain my feet and legs will get wet. After a rain there is a puddle on the floor. The leak seems to go all the way across the dashboard. Has anyone else had this problem? I look at that sealer smoothed into the seams and can't believe the amount of water coming in. It could not be much worse if I took out the windshield. Thanks

Sb5551 10-03-2008 11:48 AM

You might want to see if you can post this in the YJ forum. There will be a lot of people there to help you out.

whiteyj 10-04-2008 12:52 PM

I would quit messing around with the bandaid fix of applying sealer and replace the cowl rubber (fold the windshield over to access and check the drain in the vent box in the cowl (behind the hood).

jpdocdave 10-04-2008 05:41 PM

ya i'd say replace the hinge seal and have the windshield seal replaced. and check that drain. so really i don't have anything else to add.:include:

jgano23 10-21-2008 08:03 AM

You might have a leak in the intake for the heater.

my_yj 10-22-2008 10:49 AM

I used some weather stripping and that fixed my problem don't know if that'll help you much

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