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ombilly 02-17-2013 11:45 PM

Fuel pump/filter?
The last few days my Jeep has intermittently made an odd sound when I try and start it, and it wouldn't start. I would try again and it would start right up and run fine. I've noticed that the last month or so that it would stutter a bit when I pull away from a stop sign or red light.

I hate to be the guy who didn't notice a problem until I was on the side of the highway but that's exactly what happened today.

The same odd sound that I heard when I was trying to start it emitted from (if I heard it right) under the hood, difficult to say tho because the top and doors were off and I was going 65 mph. Engine just died. Lights are on, engine turns over just fine, can't really tell if the fuel pump is priming because of the buzzing sound it makes when I start it. I mean the default always there ignition buzzing. BTW, can I disconnect that buzzer? I pulled where the switch connects to the door so it wouldn't buzz constantly with the doors off...

Now it won't start.

1994 YJ, 124,000 miles (I put the last 4000 or so on it), I've never changed the filter because it didn't occur to me to do so. My father, a former mechanic who lives in another state just gave me the deadpan, "You changed the filter when you bought it.....right??". Of course I had to say, "No."

The check engine light is on (and this is the only time it's ever been on during my ownership) and in CA Autozone and the like isn't allowed to check the codes and tell you what it says. Or at least that's what a few Autozone employees have told me.

Sound like a fuel pump/filter problem to you guys?

jokerchief462 02-17-2013 11:50 PM

Pull the codes first. It's OBDI which means you can read them by cycling the key on off 3 times then on and record the blinks. There is a great YouTube video. Change the fuel filter regardless. Once you know what codes you have make a plan on how to fix the problem.

ombilly 02-18-2013 12:03 AM

Just tried cycling it three times. Just so I understand correctly, do I leave it on the first time for any length of time? I tried looking for a video but didn't find one that hadn't been removed already...

ombilly 02-18-2013 12:19 AM

Wikipedia is my friend here. Thanks for the heads up. Maybe tomorrow when it's not dark I'll change that fuel filter. Glad I upgraded to 4 free 100 mile tows with my AAA membership.

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