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t2fla33705 02-18-2013 10:05 AM

06 Wrangler XL quirks
Hi there. Got a question or two, and I'm not real sure where to post. Here goes.

I have an 06 Wrangler XL, 55K miles, auto trans. No issues, except......

From time to time, I'm not able to move the shift into Park when I stop the car. When this happens, the ignition key is very difficult to turn, a majority of the dash board goes dark (blower, radio, brake lights, indicators, etc). I had the shift cable replaced about a year ago, but the current problem started about two months ago. The dealer told me the "ignition system" needed to be replaced, and the shift problem was entirely unrelated. This diagnosis offered without looking at the Jeep. When I volunteered that the shift problem, the key difficulty and the dark dash board all happen at the same time, and all self-resolve at the same time, he told me I was wrong.

Anyway, has this happened to anyone else? I'm not able to identify what may be triggering this condition (it happened again this morning, after an uneventful drive to work), and I'm not able to force a repeat situation. It happens 3-4 times a month, and resolves itself, but I don't understand why or how.

Thoughts? Thanks.


panthermark 02-18-2013 11:23 AM

Welcome to WF Kelly :wavey:

Let me get you to the right location for more help.

TJDave 02-18-2013 11:53 AM

Someone asked a similar question on another thread. I am not sure if it is your problem, but it is very common on your tranny, and happened to mine.....


Originally Posted by TJDave (Post 3384525)
Does it shift ok? Can you get it in park or 1st gear? If not, it could be the plastic rod inside shifter has broken. Easy fix. Pull up hard on shift knob to remove it. If you can pull out the white plastic rod out of the shifter, it is broken and that is your problem. Simply cut a piece of plastic coat hanger, or chopstick to the same length as the broken piece, replace and away you go.

Not sure if that is your problem, but this is very common on the 42rle tranny.
Just a suggestion and something to watch for in the future if yours has not broke yet.

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