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OffroadNewbie 02-18-2013 12:34 PM

Tar Hollow / Scioto Trails OHIO
Can someone please PM me directions to some good LEGAL trails in the Tar Hollow area? I tread lightly and I'm just looking for somewhere to get off road. Your help would be much appreciated.

Vkblack888 02-28-2013 09:37 AM

I'm actually in the same boat just bought my jeep 2 weeks ago and have no idea where to play with it

OffroadNewbie 03-03-2013 08:16 PM

Dont expect any help on this. I have only been snubbed. You have to join a club and hope you have time to go with them if they happen to go. From what I can tell so far the Ohio off road scene is very snobby.

Vkblack888 03-04-2013 08:24 AM

Well that really sucks everyone keeps their spots hush it seems

OffroadNewbie 03-04-2013 06:45 PM

Yep. Headed to Ouray and Moab this summer to get my fix.

Vkblack888 03-05-2013 08:07 AM

Well I'm headed to tar hollow to check it out ill keep you posted on what I find

bbtj 03-05-2013 08:46 AM

Main Page - Dirtopia, the Off-Road Encyclopedia and RiderPlanet USA - ATV Trails, Motorcycle Trails, Motocross Tracks. I came across these web sites, so I'm not going to vouch for their accuracy. I do know that rider planet is mainly for bikes and ATVs, but some 4x4 places are listed. If there are any national or state parks/forests nearby, you might check with the appropriate ranger station.

OffroadNewbie 03-07-2013 08:10 PM

Thanks bbtj there are a couple on there that are promissing.

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