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invmgmt 02-23-2013 03:26 PM

Worthy Repair Shops
Hello fellow Jeep lovers.

I am relatively new to the forum and thought that I could reach out to other members and benefit all.

I have been dealing with the dreaded Death Wobble. While I thoroughly love wrenching things myself. There comes a time when it is great to have a reputable shop to go to. I had taken my 06 LJ to the dealer that I bought it used from four times for this issue. They are idiots (sorry, but the truth). First they tried to dismiss it as a side-effect of having aggressive mud tires (which were on it when I bought it). Then they said that the tires just needed rotated. then they needed rebalanced AND rotated. Then it needed a new steering stabilizer (NO!, stop the insanity). I wish they would look on this site and read the thread on DW, the SS is not the problem.

Anyway, this is not a DW thread, this is about finding reputable shops that have mechanics that understand 4X4 and especially Jeeps. a service to ALL, where have you found decent shops? I live in Southern California -- Orange County to be specific -- but I think that we can all benefit by sharing our experiences through the US

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